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The purpose of Love Your Neighbor Connection (LYNC) is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who in turn make disciples. The LYNC Staff Vision is to plant reproducing churches in Lincoln and Lancaster county. For Lincoln, we are seeking to plant reproducing churches in each of its 38 elementary school boundary areas and reproducing churches within each of its estimated 20 people groups. In the rest of Lancaster county, we are seeking to plant reproducing churches in each of its communities.

To do this, we are training people in an approach that has been successfully used in the United States and other parts of the world and is regarded as “the most powerful church-planting tool in the world today!” It is called Training for Trainers or T4T for short. Trainer is just another word for disciple – a trainer for Jesus the Messiah. The idea is to not only disciple people in an area but also to train them to disciple others: training for trainers.

Steps to accomplish this vision are as follows:

1. A person or team takes responsibility for an area.

2. The team uses Prayer Walking to find a House of Peace.

3. The team trains (disciples) those at the House of Peace to obey the Lord, including training others.

4. The team establishes a church for the community at the House of Peace.

The tools we use may seem over-simplified to some. However, simple tools have been successfully used in rapid reproduction. It is application of biblical truth that characterizes a movement of the Spirit of God. Our goal is a 1:1 ratio between what is understood and what is applied. This 1:1 ratio leads churches toward reproduction. We believe churches are designed to reproduce through “sent ones” who are equipped, empowered, held accountable and released into the harvest field.

No Place Left Network

The LYNC Vision is connected to the No Place Left network, of which LYNC is a part. This network is all about finishing the Great Commission task globally among every tribe. The No Place Left network is a simple, grassroots movement of disciples of Jesus Christ around the world whose hearts have been caught on fire by the power of the Holy Spirit to focus their time, treasures, and talents towards the Great Commission

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